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 Tock's Application

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PostSubject: Tock's Application   Tock's Application EmptyMon Jul 30, 2012 6:20 pm


Name: Lourdes Toch
Nicknames: Lou, or "Tock"


Age: twenty-five
Gender: female
Eyes color: chestnut
Hair color: black-brown
Height: five-three
Weight: 110lbs
Physical Description: she is petite, with Spanish and Asian features. Her eyes are almond-shaped with irises the color of warm chestnut. She has tattoos everywhere, from across her collar bone, between her ribcage, along her side, back and her right arm. A prominent one stands out along her right thigh, of a white horse surrounded by flowers and vines; her left thigh has a heart insignia, which is her most recent addition. Her long dark hair is cut in long, jagged layers where one side has more length than the other. She keeps her hair parted to the side also, and plays around with colors for kicks. She not only has tattoos, but piercings as well. The most notable is the septum piercing that she could easily flip up to hide, and a lip piercing. Her ears have rows of silver and steel rings and a bar through her cartilage. Her skin, well-inked, has an olive-tone. She is slender, and dresses casually. She really doesn't look like the image of a "Typical Nerd," who fancies a great deal of actual gaming.

Personal Details

Family and Friends: her parents are still alive, and she has two younger brothers. Her parents are still behaving like they did in their prime, spending much leisure and vacation time in the Conduit every weekend. They live in excess, and her brothers, Liam (the youngest, 11) and Lane (the next oldest, 23), exist to make her life harder, but they mean well. Her closest friends are the people she games with. She doesn't have much of a social life, other than happy hour with the co-workers. and maybe some bonding time with former classmates.
Birthday: October 28
Occupation: Registered Nurse, ER
Strengths: keeping a positive outlook on life, handling blood and gruesome injuries, and her ability to talk to people, especially children.
Weakness/Flaw: when she has a problem, she keeps it to herself, thus causing it to build up overtime and coming out in unexpecting ways.
Residence: Costa Mesa, Sunny California
Personality: sometimes, Lourdes is playful for her own good. She keeps an open and friendly demeanor. She's relatively easy to talk to because of her bubbly personality She's flirtatious, charming even, but naturally so. She doesn't have many friends really, just co-workers and former classmates from the med-school. Not one for closeness with anyone, she is as adventurous as her in-game personality. She wanders from group to group, but there is a lack of consistency.

Lourdes came from a well-to-do family. They worked hard, and managed to keep a fair reserve of wealth. Her father was one of the top neurosurgeons, and her mother simply lived off of the wealth he brought home. With that, she began her own floral arranging business, for birthdays, weddings and other special events. She was also a part of a Proud Mother's Society, which turned into a private joke once she was old enough to understand the abbreviation. She had always had a rebellious streak about her, doing things that were considered inappropriate for a "good girl." She was the oldest and only female of three children, and had expectations she had to fulfill, especially those set by her mother. Lourdes was by no means a typical daughter of a PMS mother. She had other goals in mind, and cared little about keeping appearances. She always had a fascination for tattoos, piercings and music that only exasperated her mother. Her father didn't mind, as long as Lourdes didn't get into any trouble. Not that they'd know.

Lourdes attended a private school to get the best education, one that was recommended by the Proud Mother's, and where her parents once attended. She was picked on, because she was different - in musical taste, fashion and humor. She was deemed an immediate social outcast, but that didn't deter her from what she wanted to do in the end - and that was to help people, regardless of what people said about her. People would've assumed that she would take the long, winding road of a starving musical artist, because she was seen with a guitar in hand. She played until her fingers bled, and had that passion, but she transferred it to something else.

The medical field had always drawn her attention. While she didn't necessarily follow into her father's footsteps, she studied in UCLA to become a superher-errr, nurse. She worked in a family clinic at first, before her university graduation paved the way toward EMT and the ER ward. Her free time might be minimal, but she still managed to log into the Conduit. She may not look it, but she is a fierce gamer. She doesn't care much about the getaway vacations, even though she made an in game home in Eden, she logs on to make friends and... go on adventures.

Tock's Application R8b1h2

Handle: Tock
Nickname: Snow White, because of her hair.


Gender: Female
Eyes color: white-gray
Hair color: white
Height: 5'3
Weight: 110lbs
Physical Description: the caster looks completely different from the real life, asiatic brunette. Her skin is fair as the moon, and her hair is platinum white. Her eyes are wintry hues, with specks of blue in them, but the white and gray are what stands out the most. Her hair is often down, waist length, bangs blunt like a stlylish, moddish bridge across her forehead. She looks ethereal, fairy like, with full crimson lips and a curvaceous build. Her signature style of clothes can change from red, white or black leather bodysuit and dress, with special, decorative items or accessories. She dons a red cross emblem on her chest, which is a clear indicator that she's one of the in game healers.
Goal: without meaning to, she has built a celebrity reputation, mainly because of her looks that created a little fan base. She has created a network of friends among the Conduit, and followers. Game wise, she'd keep to playing more than vacationing, Outside of the Conduit, she is seeking for consistensy - like friends she could stick to and really bond with. In a way, the Conduit could be her means of making extra cash. She wants to find rare items, amp up their worth and then sell them for a considerable price to make profit. Also, she is trying to figure out if she could strengthen her healing to cure z-infections. That might be a stretch, and next to impossible, but it wouldn't hurt to try.

Playby: Miss Mosh

Personal Details

Occupation: Caster/Healer
Affiliation: indepedent, but will work in parties.
Play style: she is more of an adventurer than a partier, but she does enjoy her lesiure time. She only really joins the Conduit to play... which means extensive gaming, leveling and traveling to other worlds before sleep calls her, reminding her that she works in the ER ward.
Residence: she made a vacation home for herself in Eden. With crystal clear bodies of water surrounding the little, getaway house.

being a caster entails being skilled with magic. Her speciality revolves around healing and amplifying other members in her parties, and herself. She can boost up strength, speed, dexterity, all the good stuff that would last a considerable amount of time. She is a good asset to the team, especially against difficult bosses since she has the healing touch. In short, she has "white magic." If someone is poisoned, she'd have the antidote; if someone is blinded, she'd give them their sight again. All of these traits are learned however. She wouldn't be able to have them all, not without leveling up her experience, so that she could advance her magic. As for amplifying, she has to go through the experience gains as well to master the tricks. At this point, she's fairly intermediate. However, her strength isn't exactly up to par. With the wide range magic abilities, this means lacking in inflicting critical, physical damage. She has a huge mana reserve, so that she could rely a while on her magic to dish out attacks, but they would essentially succeed in draining her in the end.

Magic includes:
Erasure - this "clears" negative status effects, such as poison, mute, and blindness.
Haste - grants "more time," so that allies, or herself, move quicker than the opponent.
Holy - damages the undead, and those associated with dark magic like necromancers.
Heal - simply that, it takes more out of her to heal more critical damage, and she could possibly burn herself out.
Barrier - she can throw up barriers that can withstand physical blows to a certain extent, as well as barries to reflect mana-based attacks/other magics (which is called Reflection); but constant and heavy blows could weaken the barriers - a magic-based attack could hinder a barrier meant to withstand physical attacks, and a physical attack could dish out critical attacks on mana-based barriers.
Mana-Boost - amplifies magic for others
Ki-Boost - amplifies strength, speed and endurance in others.

Skills: being the perfect support character, and a musician - she plays a guitar in real life, and she carries that over in game.

Crafting Skill: because she can't rely on her magic too much - boosting others and constant casting could wear her out if she doesn't have the necessary potions to keep her mana-level running, so that she wouldn't be running on empty. She has a hand for creating herbs, potions and antidotes in case she has dangerously low mana. She has learned what ingredients in the Conduit and different worlds would be able to create specific remedies for specific ailments. This also means that she can make the exact opposite to harm.


-Enchanted Tatoos - a pair of wings on her back to assist in her agility and "flighty movements," so that she appears to be gliding, and a pair of intricately drawn eyes in the palm of her hands - useful for finding artifacts, when pressed to the walls she could "see" what's hidden behind those walls and other barriers - this is limited strictly to touch and there can be magic opposing this enchantment, so that she could be blocked out.
-Grappling Hook - so she can be stealthy and ninja-like
-A modified semi-automatic pistol, clipped with specially made darts and exploding bullets.

-An enchanted crossbow that shoots out mana; this would mean relying on her mana-reserve as well, but she carries a quiver of arrows in case she is sorely depleted. The crossbow can fire two arrows at a time, and it has more of a medieval touch.
-Ki-bracelets, bone white with intricate leaf patterns and red gems embedded in them; they only activate when she is engaged in hand-to-hand combat and her mana reserve is dangerously low. They boost up her strength by 3, so she is an average fighter.
-A white guitar, which she labels as "Peggy" short for Pegasus - this is also a physical representation of her mana reserve, and where she channels her magic. The guitar is sleek, and mythical, with a black outline of a pegasus etched in the face.
Vehicles: her guitar becomes her personal hoverboard, and means of traveling. The strings slide back, and she flips it over to toss up, so that it powers on... and takes her to where she needs to go.

Within a blink of an eye, Lourdes became Tock, or "Snow White" to some players. While she looked nothing like the fairy-tale princess, it was her white hair that earned her that name, and quite a reputation on Samora. She didn't mean to become a celebrity, she only wanted to game. The Origin greeted her with a plethora of new and familiar faces. Everyone was different in the Conduit, or they closely resembled their real life personas. Tock liked the anonymity with a drastically different appearance. Fixing her long white hair, Tock checked her personal inventory as she ambled through the welcome center, and took a seat on the bench to check the items on her list. She acquired some new weapons, a broadsword from Rorgar and a talisman that she wasn't sure about keeping. It looked evil. She might give it away, or sell it.

Leaning back, the white-haired maiden checked on her mana reserve, glad that it was mostly full since last night had been a grueling quest on Rorgar. She played with a completely new party and they wore her out to the bone, since the new players asked too much questions and needed more saving. She blamed her helpful nature for putting up with all of that. She should've just left that party and went solo. She might've missed out on saving the princess, but at least she was leveling up her guitar. She sold some items she didn't need, and checked her other list of items that was like a herbologist's paradise. She could use some more poison tipped arrows, and maybe amp up the tranqs, so she could catch some big monsters.

"Hey, are you Tock?" A player asked with a shy approach. Tock blinked and glanced up. The player looked friendly, and with little items on his persona. He had armor though, and looked ready to visit Rorgar. She almost considered a negative answer, but decided to give him a chance.

"Yeah, that's me." She said with a lifted chin, and a careful eye.

"My party's about to head over to Rorgar to go against this rage beast. I was wondering if you'd like to be our caster." He raised his hands as if prepared for her rebuttal, "we're not n00bs. I swear. We got a hulk, and a techy on our team. We also got a ranger. I work with elemental magic. We can definitely use your healing and amping." Immediately, Tock brightened and stood up.

"Lead the way!" She said with a dramatic sweep of her hand, "and it's a pleasure meeting you!"
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Tock's Application
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