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PostSubject: Java's Application   Java's Application EmptyWed Aug 01, 2012 2:30 am


Name: Maykah E. Diio
Nicknames: None


Age: Twenty-one (21)
Gender: Female
Eyes color: Dark brown
Hair color: Black
Height: Five feet and six inches (5'6)
Weight: 201 pounds
Physical Description: Maykah is a dark-skinned woman, with large, almond-shaped eyes, flat nose, and wide mouth and lips. Her skin is colored a dark brown, remsembling fresh wet mud, and is covered in large pores, scars and leftover ance from her teenagers years. Her face is pudgy with a thick neck, flowing down into a soft and squishy arms, legs, and body. Her hair is dark and corse, stopping short at the bottom of her ears in an African style of braiding.

Her style of dress is very classy with a slight modern flare. High-waist skirts, ruffle and high collared shirts, patterned stockings, and large earrings are her favorites pieces of clothing. Her finger and toe nails are always done professionally and she rarely looks disheveled.

Personal Details

Family and Friends:
  • Father - Unknown
  • Mother - Ziva Diio - Maykah does not like her mother and feels betrayed that Ziva would rather have worked and messed around with men than take care of and spend time with her children. She only takes care of her mother out of duty and not out of love.
  • Older Sister - Tate de Villefort - Maykah and Tate are somewhat close, though Maykah believes Tate to be a little overbearing and overprotective about her. Granted there is an eight year difference between the two of them and Tate did practically rise Maykah during their childhood since Ziva worked more than stayed at home. It cannot be helped that Tate treats Maykah like her child.
  • Friends - Maykah does not have too many friends, though she has plenty of acquaintances. If she talks about her mother to you, you can declare yourself a friend of Maykah.

Birthday: Septemeber 18
Occupation: System Programmer for Paradise Lives (a inner department of Endeavor Enterprises), the group who created one of the most popular and oldest pleasure planets, Samora.
Strengths: Due to her quick learning ability, she has developed strong programming skills in a variety of computer languages and knowledge of several human languages English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Chinese and Japanese. She is on her way to learning Arabic.
Weaknesses/Flaws: Impatience is a strong quality of hers and she does not wait very well and usually does not. She also does not do well with authority, especially when it is given to someone she deems as stupid or incompetent.
Residence: Liège, Belgium
Personality: Maykah is a "strong black woman", meaning that she is independent, headstrong, and proud of who and what she is. In her stern face, confidence radiants from her lack of a smile. She rarely feels inferior to anyone, even though she may encounter those who are be more powerful, intelligent, or beauitful than her. She is unafraid to speak her mind and present her ideas to the higher-ups in her department or mission parties. She is extremely ambitious and competitive, never truly setting for second best. When someone outdoes her, she doubles her efforts and uses any strategy (ethical or not) to regain her lost position.

Due to her independence, she has a hard time asking for help even when she is in dire need of it. She prefers to do things herself. Also, others have deemed her confidence as haughtiness and therefore, it is unusual for her to be surrounded by friends or people in general. It also does not help that she has trust issues and a great lack of patience. Yet when another gains her trust or she feels less annoyed by them, she is fiercely protective of that person.

Maykah was born in Liège, Belgium to a single mother and older sister. Ziva, her mother, had just gone through a rather difficult divorce. She quickly began dating again and eventually met Maykah's father, who left her once he discovered that she was pregnant. Ziva struggled to provide for her two children and often worked many hours, especially through the night. Tate, her older sister, became more of a mother figure for Maykah than Ziva.

When Maykah was about eight years old, Tate had received a job and bought Maykah a gaming system with her two first paychecks. Maykah was amazed with the graphics and the code behind the magic of the game more so than the actual gameplay. She started to look into how to program and make her own games. The older she got, the more interested she became, especially in the Conduit. She would quickly complete her homework and then research the Conduit and other games.

By the time that she was in high school, she was somewhat known throughout the Conduit, especially in Samora and Core. She increasingly tested her elemental magic and crafting of elemental enchanted jewelry tattoos. She also began hacking various portions of the systems, creating some somewhat illegal items. This caught the attention of the makers of Samora, who saw the potential this user had. They contacted her and stated that they would sponsor her university education in the United States. She greedily accepted, knowing that she would be able to escape the hard life she lived with her absent mother and overbearing sister. Once graduated from high school, she took a flight to the United States and attended school at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology or MIT. She spent her college years building her skills in computer and human languages, in order to be able to communicate with various systems and people she met in the Conduit. She loved hearing people's voices in their own native tongue and hated the translations provided by the Conduit. After five years of study, she graduated with a degree in computer science.

Maykah was about to start work with Paradise Lives when she recevied word that her mother had a serious stroke. She quickly returned to Belgium to see how her mother faired. Her mother lost majority of her movement on her left side and could barely talk clearly. Her sister, now married with children of her own, could not care for their mother nor provide the money for a live-in nurse. It was decided that she had to take care of the mother that never truly love her, or at least in Maykah's eyes. Her employer understood the responsibility she held to her mother and stated she could remain in Belgium and work from home or inside the Conduit. Currently, she has a rather strong reputation within the Conduit and the company, despite her challenging situation.


Java's Application Java1

Handle: Java Codr
Nickname: Java or JC


Gender: Female
Eyes color: Purple
Hair color: Black
Height: Five feet and six inches (5'6")
Weight: 135 pounds
Physical Description: Java is an average height, muscular woman with dark brown skin, purple eyes, and black hair forever styled in long braids reaching the middle of her back. Depending on her current adventure, her braids may be down, in a ponytail, or in a fancy updo. Majority of the time, her braids are down and decorated with shells and sometimes feathers. Compared with her real world self, she is obviously much more fit, has a stronger bridge on her nose, and a slightly smaller mouth.

When on missions/quests, Java wears simple clothing such as tank tops, black jeans and combat boots. Yet, when she is out on the town in Samora, she is dressed very classy, usually wearing body fitting dresses and stylish high heels.
Goal: Java's main goal for her life in the Conduit is find ways to improve the life of the players on the planet Samora by creating and experimenting with different features, show upper managment her resourcefulness with these new and/or improved features, and most importantly, have fun.

Playby: Christine Adams

Personal Details

Occupation: She does not have a real occupation. She is a traveler who goes from planet to planet, gathering ideas for how to improve Samora. From time to time, when she is impatient for the payments of credits her job gives her, she will do certain missions and quests on the adventure and PvP worlds.
Affiliation: She is part of the Developer's Council for Samora.
Play style: Java's playing style is very dependent of her current mission. When she is gathering information about a new feature she may suggest implementing, she goes about quite lesuirely, enjoying the scenery and the like. Yet, when she is on a time-sensitive mission or in a party, she is a first-class rate adventurer, cautious yet aggressive.
Residence: High-class, luxury apartment in the finest district of Samora.


Skills: Java's most well-known ability and weapon of choice is her control over the elements: water, fire, earth, and air. Fire is her most dominate element, allowing her to generate it herself. Earth is a close second, though she is not able to generate it but can implement it freely. Water and air are her weakest and she tries to limit their use since they tend to drain her mana more so than her fire and earth magic. Her language skills also become very useful and she often acts like the party's interpreteur.
Crafting Skill: She is an excellent crafter of elemental artifacts, especially fire and earth ones. They are usually in the form of jewelry and sometimes tattoos.


  • Armor - Lightweight and flexible armor that compresses into a black band around her waist. There are gasps in between the joints of the armor, creating vulnerabilites that Java must watch out for.
  • Rapid-fire laser pistol - This pistol is Java's back up weapon when she is low on mana and does not have any potions on her. It is small and easy to handle, but gives off a powerful enough shoot to make most things leave her alone. Though, the stupid, the big, and the ugly are the ones that usually laugh at the small gun.
  • Brass knuckles - Simply put, they hurt like hell and she loves to wear them. She believes that they give her an edge during hand-to-hand combat.

  • Enchanted necklace - A thick golden chain with a round amethyst jewel that is enchanted to enchance her fire magic twenty-five percent when activated. It usually last for a couple of hours, depending on the amount of fire magic she is currently using. It takes about a day to charge, so she uses it very sparingly.

Vehicles: For her land voyages, she uses her all black motorcycle that has canons in the front and rotatble wheels, which she named La Nuit (Picture). It was a gift from an secret admirer and she treasures the fast little thing. When journeying from planet to planet, she uses her sleek one to four seater spacecraft called the Skylon Jezz 3100. It is long and thin, able to reach near-light speeds. She dubbed this beauty Ténèbres (Picture).

Maykah heard a groan which echoed against the white walls of her bedroom. She glanced up at the ceiling and saw the picture from her latest mission with a party that she liked quite a bet. They truly valued her language skills, especially since out of the eight of them, four different languages spoke between them. Thankfully, she knew all of them and could act as an interpreter. Smiling softly, she glanced away from the picture and attempted to close her eyes again. Yet, the groan sounded once more and she knew that it was time to help her mother.

She rolled her eyes as she slid off her bed, dragging her feet across the wooden floor. She despised her mother for leaving her and her sister to fend for themselves those lonely nights as she worked and/or hooked up with some random guy. Then she goes and has a stroke and since she tolerated her sister and did not want to impose her too much, Maykah took the job of taking care of the woman who abandoned them. It made her blood boil.

Walking into the room that held her mother, she glanced at the crippled woman with a cold stare. She greeted her mother lukewarmly and helped her out of bed and prepare for the day. She bathed her mother, dressed her, and fixed her breakfast. After taking about fifteen minutes just to feed her, her mother was content enough for her to be sat in front of the television and let alone for the much of the day. It was time for Maykah to get to work.

She eagerly raced over to her login terminal and logged into the Conduit, arriving in her apartment on Samora. She grinned as she glanced at herself in the mirror, loving her purple and long braids. Tossing her hair out of her face, she dressed herself in a pair of long black pants, a silk kimono-styled shirt, and red pumps. Her research was telling her that it was important to head over to the mall. She just got her paycheck. Yes, it was definitely time to get to work.
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Java's Application
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