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PostSubject: Scream's Application   Scream's Application EmptyMon Aug 06, 2012 1:06 am


Name: Jeremy Smith
Nicknames: Bubble Boy

Age: 18
Gender: Male
Eyes color: Blue
Hair color: Brown
Height: 5"6
Weight: 130lbs
Physical Description: He is quite a scrawny fellow, with no muscle in sight and has dull blue eyes. His skin, due to his never going outside, is almost as pale as an albino's. His ears are rather large and remain uncovered by his short-cropped brown hair. His nose just seems to hang there, his lips are fairly thin -- in a nutshell his entire face is one big bowl of boring.
Dressed by his mother all of his life, he does not know what not to wear. Sweater vests, khakis, and any other nerdy ensemble you can think of -- you can bet he is forced to own it.

Personal Details

Family and Friends: Mother, mother, mother, mother
Birthday: September 10
Occupation: Nothing at the moment
Strengths: rather unnoticable, good problem solver, catches onto anything you can throw at him, animals seem drawn to him (much to his displeasure), smart
Weaknesses/Flaws: No backbone/can't stand up for himself, doesn't know how to fight, can't swim, fear of heights, fear of spiders, fear of fire, fear of water, fear of...anything and everything.
Residence: Mother's house. Somewhere in Idaho.
Personality: Due to being babied by his mother for all of his life, he doesn't know how to act in public. He'll do random things just for the hell of it, to see the reactions of other people. His mother never curbed this trait, as she deemed it 'cute' and 'natural'; ladies and gentlement, there is nothing cute and/or natural about a grown man in a supermarket making a fish face at a woman he likes, just to see what she'll do. There just isn't.
He's actually quite smart. Since he wasn't allowed to go to friend's houses or have friends come over, he had a lot of time on his hands when he was growing up. He used this time to read various books and absorb their imparted knowledge.
He doesn't curse or like others that do. He hates it when his routine is changed, but won't voice this hatred because his backbone is nonexistent. Instead he'll either grind his teeth or clench his hands into fists.

His father, Milton Smith, was a policeman that died on Jeremy's first birthday, in the line of duty. His mother, Patricia Smith, never remarried; rather, she became rather unhealthily attached to her son. He was her last reminder of her late husband, and she was determined to never let that go. She homeschooled the poor child, because she didn't want to be left alone when he went to school. She did everything for him, from picking out his clothes to washing his hair -- hell, the old bat probably would have picked his nose for him had he given her the word.
Since his father died when he was so young, Jeremy never really knew what it was like to have a dad. All he was ever told about his father was that he was a brave man, and that that bravery killed him. Therefore instead of being taught to be tough and to keep a 'stiff upper lip' he was taught to run to mommy whenever he had a problem or was taunted by one of the many boys on his street. He was taught that violence was a major no-no and so never learned to fight. Whenever he was picked on by neighborhood kids, he would run to his mother instead of standing up for himself.
His restrictions were more than his freedoms; he wasn't allowed to have friends over, or to go to friends houses, nor to play with any of the neighborhood boys (the most he could do was stand on his porch and be teased by them). When he was older, he wasn't allowed to dye his hair any weird colors, or get a mohawk, or any piercings, or to wear any 'scary' clothing. He wasn't allowed to watch TV or to play video games, because those glorified violence. In fact, the most he could do was read and do schoolwork.

His mother bought him an interface for the Conduit for his seventeenth birthday. Lied to by a shady electronics store owner, she'd been told it would help his education as his homeschooling had been lacking as of late. He wasn't being challenged anymore and she thought the device would provide that very challenge he needed. The first time he played, he went to Rorgar -- and had his ass immediately handed to him. He'd traveled to a forest, thinking he'd find a bunny. What he found was not fluffy, nor cute, nor anything of the 'bunny-like' variety. Instead he'd found a nonfluffy, noncute ogre. The beast had swung its club at him and he'd had time to get away, but his reflexes, due to being so out of use, failed him and he'd just stood there like a deer caught in an oncoming car's headlights. He found himself sent back to Core, whimpering like a little child. But he couldn't run to mommy this time; no, because then she'd take away the game. She'd say it was too dangerous, even if it was a virtual world, and that it encouraged violence.

Instead, he made up his mind to lie to his mother for the first time in all of those years. Little by little, he ventured out into the forest again until he found himself able to take on the ogre -- with the help of a few friends of course. It would seem that the Conduit has helped him to gain a life untainted by his overbearing mother. Also, since his mom can no longer control him, at least in-game, he's been going a little crazy with his fashion choices.


Handle: SilentScreamer
Nickname: Scream

Scream's Application 277150_250811088347119_272276823_n
Favorite outfit:
Scream's Application 100986

Gender: Male
Eyes color: Brown
Hair color: brown
Height: 6"2'
Weight: 150lbs
Physical Description: Scream bears exceptionally chubby cheeks, permanently pulled up into a small smile. His brown eyes sparkle with curiosity and his hair is always messy because he is too busy adventuring to comb it properly. His nose is rather large, but somehow manages to fit perfectly in his face. Because he spends the most time in Rorgar, adventuring in the forest, he wears light clothes to be able to move fast. This mostly consists of leather or fur clothing. His favorite outfit for the time being is a loose, green cloak with a hood and a pair of black gauntlets. A dagger is strapped to this via a brown belt.
Goal: He wishes to be a hero like his father, and to help anyone in need. He's starting to realize that he's not the coolest guy in the world and he wants to change this too, maybe even become a ladies man.

Playby: Sam Huntington

Personal Details

Occupation: Adventurer
Affiliation: Not at the moment
Play style: He enjoys exploring his surroundings and finding new artifacts. Questing is extremely fun to him. He also likes to try new things all the time and will often be seen trying to forge a new piece of armor, or control a given element, all with varying degrees of success.
Residence: Small hut in the middle of a forest on Rorgar. Hidden -- from lesser explorers at least.


Skills: He's turned out to be good at controlling animals, if he doesn't run from them in terror first. He also has been getting better with his bow and small dagger. He's yet to even attempt to pick up a sword.
Crafting Skill: He can make okay armor and weapons.


Equipment: A bow and dagger for now
Boots of Stealth - Very good boots for sneaking around with. From just pure, stupid luck, he stole these from a Dragon's treasure pile while it was sleeping.
Scream's Application Curly_spring05 He has a "horse" if that counts for anything. He got it from a bad trade from a shady tradesman who claimed he had a "horse who could run for miles". The shady bastard asked for the money in advance and Scream stupidly gave it to him. What he got in return was a mule named Lightning -- an ironic name given the circumstances. Not just any ordinary mule, but a mule who could barely walk a few miles -- much less run them. He keeps the poor creature around for companionship more than anything else. Slowly the beast is getting used to running more and more. Scream has yet to save up enough for an actual vehicle, be it land or space.

Rp Sample

All day he'd been pestered by his mother's incessant nagging. Not to chew his food too fast, not to laugh while he was eating, not to do this, not to do that. With every little criticism, his backbone slowly grew. It would only be a matter of time before he snapped at her. A matter of time before he screamed that he couldn't take her constant hovering and suffocation any longer! But today was not that day. Instead, he held in his many complaints and bore the brunt of her lecturing. He waited until the end of the day, for her to fall asleep as she always did around this time.

"Mom, I'm going to bed!" He hollered from his room. His mother had raised him to always tell her this, no matter how much he didn't want to. He silently hoped that this night would be the night that she finally stopped kissing him goodnight on the forehead and tucking his sheets under him. It wasn't. Instead of a simple, loud reply of the affectionate variety, he heard his mother's heavy footsteps up the stairs. She wasn't the skinniest of women, not by far. His room was dark, the only light came from the hallway and soon it was blocked by her rather portly, curler-adorned silhouette. He let out a small sigh of annoyance; he wanted to be in the Conduit already, dangit!

She slowly walked in, each step making Jeremy grind his teeth in annoyance more than the last. At last, she reached his bed. She gave him a hug, then sat on the edge of his bed, making it sink even further down.

"Goodnight mom" He said hurriedly, hoping it would speed the process along. It didn't.

"Goodnight, I love you so much my Jeremy. You're always going to live here and keep me company right?"

"Yes mom, whatever you say" An automatic reply. He'd stopped giving thought to his words to his mother long ago.

"You won't ever leave me, even if you married some girl? You'd just live with her in this house, right?"

"Yes mom, whatever you say" This time a sigh; his already thin patience was waning even further.

"Alright, goodnight my wonderful boy. Sweet dreams. I hope you learn a lot in your game." She kissed his forehead and tucked in his blankets on both sides, then left the room. The door closed behind her.

Jeremy winced at her parting words, the only lie he'd ever told his mother making him feel guilty for a few seconds. The guilt passed quickly, as it always did, and he soon found himself in Scream's small wooden cabin in the forest. He untied Lightning's reigns from the mule's post and swung a leg over him. "Go wherever you want, boy. I don't care today" He flicked the reigns and allowed the mule to trot wherever his hooves took him. He sat back and enjoyed the scenery of his favorite life. A life without constant mothering. A life where everything was perfect.
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Scream's Application
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