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PostSubject: Miscellaneous Information   Miscellaneous Information EmptyTue Aug 07, 2012 4:37 am

Here you will find general entries for nearly everything unique about The Conduit. This document is a constant work in progress and will be continuously added to. Do you have something you would like to add here? Submit it to Glitch.

Crafting- One of the biggest driving forces of The Conduits economy is player made goods. Like in most traditional MMO’s items are made using raw materials found on various worlds. What is unique to this game is the player designs his or her own blueprints by basing them off previously made items. This has led to goods growing in quality as time goes by. Master craftsman can make items of legendary quality after honing there skills to perfection.

GM’s- (OOC entry) A GM (Game Master) is the same thing as a DM (Dungeon Master). From time to time a story will be offered up with space for a group of 4-6 players. These plots will focus around a specific goal or conflict, typically running a ‘dungeon’, where interaction with the environment and surrounding NPC’s are just as important as with each other. The GM’s duty in these stories is to represent the environment, presenting challenges and introducing obstacles and curve balls for the group of players to overcome.
A posting order will be established for these storylines, and at the end of that order the GM will post, responding to the actions of the players and moving the story along. At a successful completion of the story each player will be rewarded in one way or another, established by the GM running the event.

Items- Officially there are only two general types of items. Players however have come up with slang dividing it into 4 types.
- Grey- (slang) Grey items are considered trash. They are very common and have no special traits. Typically in ‘adventuring’ worlds these are dropped off of mobs and used to be sold to vendors for small amounts of money.
- Common- Common items are either found throughout the worlds or can be crafted simply. They can be enchanted or modified but typically it’s not worth it.
- Artifacts- These are special, stronger items. Either already modded or enchanted or these changes can be made very easily. The majority of these are manufactured by players.
- Legendary- (slang) a sub set of artifacts these are one of a kind items found at the end of hard dungeons or hidden away. These are coveted and can go for large amounts of money at auction.

Inventory- Players can only carry what they could as if they are in the normal world. You can’t just pull a helicopter out of your pocket. As such crafters have developed several storage solutions. These techniques are considered essential to any player.
- Bags of holding- players have learned to craft enchanted bags which hold more items then they should typically these are found in pouch to backpack sizes and are used for items that you would normally just pull out of your pocket like a PDA, cell phone or weapon.
- ‘Blades’ - Blades is the term used to describe storage units in the game. The general size and shape of a playing card and about as thick as a piece of cardboard they are used to store data for everything from a car or truck to a platoon of NPC soldiers. To use a Blade all you have to do is hold down the activating button for 2-3 seconds and then throw it to the ground. On impact the stored item will appear.

NPC’s – like any other game The Conduit has NPC’s (Non Player Characters). There are three kinds of NPC’s
- NPC(SI)- Simply Intelligence. These would be your bots put there for flavor or cannon fodder. The random bodies walking down the street in the city sim or the platoon of ‘red shirt’ soldiers deployed to lay cover fire down. There main purpose is to interact with the environment, not so much the players.
- NPC(VI)- Virtual Intelligence. These NPC’s will show interest in the players and what they are doing. They develop a small simple memory and will deliver scripted lines to try to feign realism. These are popularly used as Bartenders and Shop keepers and can also be used when you need ‘smart soldiers’
- NPC(AI)- Artificial Intelligence. Long consider a myth and rumor these NPC’s can think talk and act for themselves. They can learn like humans and will do things without being asked or prompted. It’s rumored they walk around like any other player, questing, shopping, attending clubs and any other activity people com to ‘the game’ for. There existence is denied vehemently but whispers of there existence crop up on a regular basis.

Parlors- Parlors are specialty stores where a player may purchase new appearances or alterations to there avatar. Currently half are run by ‘insert company name here’ and the other half are run by players.

Player organizations- When released The Conduit had no preset groups or factions. Every organization in world is based around the players. From company sponsored armies to mercenary adventurers every group has been made for players by players.

Portals- Portals are the devices scattered all over every planet within The Conduit. They can take any form and shape and are the gateways to everywhere else. They can be distinguished from its general surroundings by a shimmering of the actual portal entrance and will be picked up by your HUD (Heads Up Display)

PVP arenas- Pvp arenas have become a well loved past time. Like the gladiators of old fighters can make wealth and fame within the ring. The more popular fights are shown across the game and are even broadcasted on TV in the Real World.

Ships- One of the main modes transportation around the universe of the Conduit is starships. While optional, many players choose to purchase a starship for travel, recreation and combat. Moving around in space is done at NEAR speed of light, and to jump farther you need to utilize a Space Gate located all around space in convenient locations. Use of these, like most things in game, will incur a charge as will fuel and repairs. (Players are allowed to use ships from fiction such as Star Wars, Star Trek and BSG. If you do use one of these credit MUST be given to the source.)

Sleepers- A slang term used for someone who logs into the Conduit while asleep. While capable of achieving and maintaining REM sleep while logged in it is highly suggested to avoid such activity. Prolonged use while asleep can cause players to become dependent on the Conduit to fall asleep. While first looked down upon, the stereotypes around Sleepers has slowly been eroding as more fall into the habit of sleeping while logged in.

Tiers- Weapons and defensive measures are tiered in strength on the Conduit. Currently there is only 3 available tiers. Tier’s 1, 2, and 2.5. Tier 1 was available at the release of the game. This was the standard strength through to year 5 when Tier 2 was introduced. Tier 2 weapons blew away tier 1 defenses and became after awhile the only way to play. Recently converter Blades have been slowly trickling into circulation. These devices will take a Tier 2 item and bring it up to Tier 2.5. Slightly stronger these weapons and defenses are slowly taking over. Many players believe 2.5 is an appeasement as the GM’s don’t want to release 3. No one is sure why and the price of 2.5 items are climbing. The price of a converter is astronomical at the moment. Players have a chance of finding a converter on any adventure planet. They are randomly spread out.

Vampires, Werewolves- When the Conduit was first released one could just simply buy a theme pack from a Parlor and be able to appear to be one of these two supernatural beings. Because of an outcry from the player base this was changed, forcing players to become ‘infected’ by a carrier to gain the traits of a vampire or werewolf. Players with these traits guard what they perceive to be a gift, forcing others to prove there worth. Avatars with this infection are slightly stronger and faster but come with the traditional weakness given to these creatures of myth. Werewolves turn into their beast form every time there is a full moon on the planet they are currently on regardless of how much in game time has passed since the last shift. After a certain amount of time, Werewolf players can learn to control when they shift.

Zombies- Zombies are a special NPC only found on Planet Z. They are ranked as NPC(SI) and follow the ‘Day of the Dead’ model. They will attack any avatar they find without provocation. They will move at a basic walking speed, unable to open doors or make complex observations. They will however break through obstacles by sheer weight of number. Zombies are basically dead, feeling no pain or fear. Infection is spread through bite and when an avatar is infected the character will die unless a cure is administered. Cures may be found in select fortified areas.
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Miscellaneous Information
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