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 Lortor's Application

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PostSubject: Lortor's Application   Wed Aug 08, 2012 12:36 am


Name: Kim Sang-un
Nicknames: N/A


Age: 24
Gender: Male
Eyes color: Dark brown/black
Hair color: black
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 135
Physical Description: A short man stands in front of you. He's got long Unkept black hair going down around his ears and eyebrows. His face is clean shaven and seems to be well kept not including his hair. His eyes are just about as dark as his hair though looking close enough will reveal them to be a dark brown. Upper body seems to lack much muscle though enough to lift his own body weight. His legs seem well used and would make him appear to be a runner. His clothes look a little dirty and worn. He does wear a lockette around his neck though barely visible.

Personal Details

Family and Friends: Parents died very early on in life, Had a good friend, Charles Bock, whom he lived with untill he turned 18
Birthday: April 22
Occupation: tends to have some oddjob every now and then, sometimes goes out and steals neccesities when short on money.
Strengths: Stealth, Agility, skilled with firearms and bows
Weaknesses/Flaws: Short, not much upper body strength
Residence: Owns a small house with not much in it, just an interface, bed, small table, and a chair
Personality: Both sly and cunning Kim tends to sneak around alot. Most of the time he'll be sneaking around to get some food or something he needs. Upon first meeting it would feel uneasy as he doesn't talk much to strangers and keeps his distance from you.Once you get to know him though you'll find he's easy going and has a rightous sence of things.

Kim's parents, Yuni and Mark, were both killed during a house fire while he was still very young. The fire had happened while he was at the Bocks, a friend's house. The friend's parents took him in as their own when the news came to them. His friend, Charles Bock, became a brother to him. They were both often found running around pretending to be spies and assassins. The parents took care of him and paid for his education up through high school where he gradtuated with decent grades. When he turned 18 they told him about his parent's inheritence and gave it to him.

Kim moved into his own house using the money he got from his parents' inheritence. He used the remaining money on some food, clothes, and an Interface. He was able to live off of the inheritence for a couple of years. Durning that time he had pick up a few odd jobs around Chicago, the city he lived in. Once the inheritence ran out though is when the problems started. Unable to pay for food he resorted to shoplifting. The first time he tried it he got caught and was put in jail for a month. After he was let out he knew he had to either get a job again or get better at being a thief.He was able to find a better paying job though with no higher education under his belt his pay and job options were limited. Resorting back to stealing he figured out ways to be able to sneak food out easier till he could do it with his eyes closed.

Around this time Kim decided to start using the Interface some and see if he could make that his "job". After a few years of being in the Conduit, Kim became addicted to it. His life there although still revolving around thiefery was so much better. He had more money to his name in the Conduit than in real life. Spending most of his time in the Conduit, with occassional bites to eat while he wasn't, made him almost reliant on the Conduit. To this day the house he lives in doesn't have many things in it due to him not needing them. The Conduit has be come his hobby, his passion, his desire, his life.


Nickname: Lorry


Gender: Male
Eyes color: Royal Blue
Hair color: Dark Red
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 150
Physical Description:Having a height of just a little under 5'5", Lortor tends to get missed in a crowd, that is if he's not got his hood up. His dark red hair can sometimes attract attention, wanted or not. His royal blue eyes are always looking around, weather it be for targets or threats. He's mostly seen donning a black cloak with a hood. A dark sleeveless bullet proof shirt and dark cargo pants can be seen under the cloak. He also wears a belt with various pouches strapped to it, along with a gun holster holding a silenced pistol.
Goal: Wants to make more friends and eventually own land/home and a ship (of the space varitey)

Playby: Jet Li

Personal Details

Occupation: Mostly odd jobs, works as a mercenary and can be hired to either take out a target or retrieve items
Affiliation: None
Play style: Likes to play as a thief and sometimes an assassin, on occasion goes along with groups to help with certain things (lockpicking, archery, sniping, ect)
Residence: Roams around the various worlds Ussally can be found hanging out in the Core or Rorgar. When not in either of those places he can be found in his MGTV.


Skills: Expert shot with ranged weapons (bows, crossbows, firearms), is able to sneak around well and has the know how to get around places.
Crafting Skill:[/b ]Special Ammunition, both bullets and arrows/bolts (i.e. explosive arrows, silver bullets ect.)


Equipment: Ussally has various thievery tools on him along with a silenced pistol. On occasion has a bow/crossbow when in Rorgar.
Artifacts: None
Lortor owns a military grade transport vehicle. Not sporting any weapon systems the MGTV boasts a armor plating capable of take a shot from a high powered lazer and still be able to keep on trucking. When Lortor isn't wandering around on foot he often used this as his mobile base.
Rp Sample
Kim dropped down on his bed after coming home from another odd job he done earlier that day. He pulled out a burger he'd picked up on the way home, he unwrapped it and gobbled it down. After disposing of the wraper on the floor he went and picked up the interface and walked back over to the bed. He layed down on his bed, put on the Interface. His eyes closed he drift to sleep and headed into the Conduit.

Lortor got up out of the bed in the MGTV and rubbed his eyes.He looked around he remembered he was on a journey to the Big City. He was on the Core and had just finished a job for a random npc in there. The job had been easy enough, a robber had stolen her ring and she wanted him to get it back. Lortor had easily snuck into the fort the theif had been in, grabbed the ring and had just gotten back to his MGTV when he had decided to go back in and leave a calling card. In his mind of course this had been a great idea he had even used the same way in as he did before. Bad idea though on his part. He exited the hatch he had come in on with 3 thugs standing with their backs turned. Lortor decided to take them out with his silenenced pistol. The first shot went straight through the thug he'd aimed and hit the wall. The holograms turned off and the main thief and 4 of his men were standing there. They all looked very unhappy. Quickly thinking Lortor turned around to dive back into the hatch he'd come in through only to find it had been shut and was now guarded by a lazer fence. Lortor realized he'd been trapped and turned to face the men.

Now Lortor wasn't good at hand to hand combat and so when they all pulled out clubs and knives he knew he was in trouble. There wasn't much room to properly use his pistol so he grabbed a smoke gernade off his belt and chucked it at the nearest person. The thug was caught off guard and dropped his club as the smoke started to fill the room. Lortor racked his brain of the blueprint he'd skimmed just before the mission had begun. He had made his way through the door only to find himself in a hallway full of thugs. Luckily the hallway was long which gave Lortor the advantage. After he had fired serveral well placed bullets into the nearest thugs' heads the rest backed off. He was able to walk right around them and to the front door. He had decided to leave a calling card anyways and placed a tripmine on the door frame incase any of the men had followed. As he had gotten into the MGTV a feint boom was heard, meaning some thug had found his card. He had put the veihicle in gear and drove on towards the Big City.

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PostSubject: Re: Lortor's Application   Wed Aug 08, 2012 1:13 am

Hey Lortor,

Your application looks pretty good. I'm not sure if it's because I'm on a phone right now, but it looks as though the application coding didn't work out. CouLd I bother you to just recopy the code from the app page and fill out the sections again?

Your RP sample looked good; however, can you please use third person past tense in your future posts? I've seen writers on other sites use the present tense and it comes out really confusing. There wasn't anything wrong with the content. It's just that third person seems to work out better on rpg sites. You do not have to edit your rp sample. Just keep it in mind.

Once that formatting change with the coding is done, I see no reason to delay your approval. I am signing off now but the otHer staff should be able to help you out if you have any questions. I'n looking forward to seeing you 'In game'M


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PostSubject: Re: Lortor's Application   Wed Aug 08, 2012 1:47 am


Hi Lortor and welcome to the Conduit!
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Join date : 2012-07-30
Location : Near Chicago, Illinois

PostSubject: Re: Lortor's Application   Wed Aug 08, 2012 1:31 pm

yeah I actually didn't realize what the "use this code" thing meant haha. I've fixed it now I believe and also worked on the rp sample some. Parts of it kinda still seem present tence but not really sure. And thanks for accepting me, glad to be here!
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PostSubject: Re: Lortor's Application   

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Lortor's Application
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