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Name: Robert E. Xavier
Nicknames: Rex

Age: 21
Gender: Male
Eyes color: Mud-Brown
Hair color: Black
Height: 5'0"
Weight: 200lbs
Physical Description: There is no way to describe Rex other than to say he looked like a dwarf. With a full black beard stretching to the middle of his chest, dotted with scraps of his last meal, Rex is easily mistaken for the hard working, long-living, gold loving, dwarf creatures. However, Rex is not a dwarf. Although his hands are large and round like his belly and his hair is always in constant need of a good shave, Rex is a cappuccino skinned human with mud brown eyes and thought wrinkles that consistently furrow his brow.
Personal Details
Family and Friends: Rex's parents, Peter and Sally, are both brilliant scientists who work for one of the world’s biggest scientific corporations. Rex is not too close to his parents, considering he was kicked out and had to crawl back to them for assistance. Rex finds it difficult to interact with human beings so he spends his time with his only friend, an organic robot hybrid named Chips.
Birthday: August 10th
Occupation: Rex has very little money even though he lives at home with his rich parents. They long ago informed him that if he had to come back for assistance, they would only give him housing and everything else he would have to worry about on his own. Because of this, Rex works on inventions in his secret lab that he tries to sell everywhere. Because of the quirky nature of his inventions, they rarely net him any good amount of cash. He is currently working on his million dollar idea.
Strengths:Math Genius, Inventor, Scientist, Un-natural IQ, Hacker
Weaknesses/Flaws: Loner, Loves money, Easily swayed by women, Overweight, Un-athletic, Pessimistic view of the world
Residence: Rex lives in the basement of his parents veritable mansion. The basement is about the size of an average person’s entire home. There Rex built his secret lab, hidden behind a massive bookcase. The house is modeled after the Victorian era architecture and is teeming with butlers and maids on every floor.
Personality: Dark thoughts are forever brooding inside Rex's mind although Rex puts a lot of effort in to preventing these thoughts from becoming a reality. People who know Rex believe him to be a happy go lucky quirky guy who likes his alone time. Those who don't, consider him very weird and probably likely to shoot up a school. Those who are really close to him, which is no one, would be blown away by his massive intellect and acumen. Rex is just a misunderstood young man, who just wants a little love and appreciation.
Rex was born and raised like every child born to rich, genius parents. He went to the best schools, had all the coolest and latest gadgets and got the best grades. His parents couldn't have been more proud, although they probably should have been. Rex's parents constantly pushed him beyond his limits, forcing him to perform tasks far above the experience of an eleven year old. At age 12, Rex came home one day with a B+ in his AP Calculus class and his parents flipped. "No child in the Xavier family gets a grade lower than an A+!" And Rex never did again.
After a while, however, the constant pressure and lack of acceptance of Rex's parents finally pushed him off the deep end. At 16, to get attention from his parents, although his parents called it rebellion, Rex dropped out of school, took up drugs, and started drinking. After two years of useless lectures, Rex's parents kicked him out of the house. They sent him on his way with the money they had saved up for his college fund and told him to come back when he matured. Rex blew all $250,000 on partying, drugging, and other forms of debauchery.
By age 21, Rex was at the lowest he had ever been in his life. He soon realized that he had made a major mistake and decided he would crawl back to his parents and beg them to take him in again. His parents agreed to take him in, but made an agreement that they would not pay for ANY of his expenses. This meant that while his parents provided a roof over his head, Rex was not allowed any other resources in the house above the basement and would have to cover his own bills.

Handle: VeloxCogtanis
Nickname: Velox
Gender: Male
Eyes color: Bright green, although they change color with his mood.
Hair color: Jet black
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 180lbs
Physical Description: With a pair of bright green eyes that contrast with his dark skin, make Velox a man you tend to never forget. A piece of 5'11" dark chocolate that the ladies cannot resist, Velox wears an all-black suit with the top button un-buttoned. His small goatee is well maintained and his hair is in micro braids that reach to the nape of his neck. On his right hand are two rings - jet black, with small runic inscriptions that glow when Velox is using magic. One ring on his thumb and the other decorates his forefinger.
Goal: To rid the world of criminals, villains, and bullies by any means necessary.
Playby: Idris Elba

[Only admins are allowed to see this image]

Personal Details
Occupation: SWAT. Operative
Affiliation: SWAT (Soldiers Working Against Terrorism)
Play style: Adventurer, Assassin
Residence: Wherever his missions takes him, SWAT credits puts him in the nicest hotels.
Fortify: as the name implies, allows Caballero to strengthen and protect the item he is using. In this case, there are several items that Caballero keeps constantly strengthened and protected by this spell. The wheels on his vehicle receive this spell along with all the windshields. His suit coat, pants and shoes also receive this same spell. He has tried enchanting his skin with this, but it will only provide a thin layer which is barely enough to prevent a puncture from a small dagger. Speaking of which, both daggers and small swords that he carries are also enchanted with this spell making it nearly impossible to break these weapons and allowing them to slice through nearly every material with relative ease.
Duration: 15 hours
Items 0-20lbs: 1 minute
Items 20-50lbs: 3 minutes
Items 50-100lbs: 5 minutes
Items 100+ lbs: 7 minutes

Amplify: as the name implies, allows Caballero to amplify the characteristics of the item he is enchanting to astronomical levels. In this case, both short swords and daggers have their sharpness increased. All the weapons and the turbo boost on his vehicle have their firepower/speed increased. Amplify is also a spell however, and can be used in a pinch to increase the abilities of a nearby ally or vehicle. Not to be used lightly as it drains energy and magic.
Duration: 15 hours
Items 0-20lbs: 1 minute
Items 20-50lbs: 3 minutes
Items 50-100lbs: 5 minutes
Items 100+ lbs: 7 minutes

Heal: as the name implies, allows Caballero to heal minor and major wounds. While healing major wounds won't necessarily tire Caballero out, healing multiple wounds can definitely begin to drain his energies and magic. Caballero has the ability to even reconstruct entire limbs that have been detached or blown off. The process however takes a LOT of time and will drain ALL magic and energy, immobolizing Caballero for a couple days.
Duration: When you are healed, you are completely healed
Standard heal: 5 minutes
Complete heal: 10 minutes
Limb healing: 24 hours
Skills: Genius, Quick thinker, Resourceful, Very Athletic, Marksman, Fortify, Amplify, Heal
Crafting Skill: Can enchant weapons. The best in his business at enchanting blades, ranging from daggers to long swords.

Equipment: Brain, Magic, Two 27 inch Secret Agent Full Tang Ninja Swords that have 2 small throwing daggers embedded in the hilt, 2 dwarven runic rings
Artifacts: Rex wears two dwarven runic rings. These two rings are attached to Rex's thumb and forefinger. Jet black in nature with dwarven runic inscriptions that not only increase his magic to disproportional metrics, but provide him the ability to super enchant items. Velox acquired these rings when he assassinated two dwarven thieves escaping custody. Also, the two daggers attached to the handles at the bottom of his sword are enchanted with a “Thor” rune. The same runes are tattooed on the underside of his wrists. These runes allow him to throw the daggers and return them back to his hands instantaneously. This allows him the effect of owning a gun or crossbow, since he carries neither.
Vehicles: Drives a Bugatti 16C Galibier outfitted with 4 magically enhanced turbo boosts, 2 magically enhanced rocket launchers, a magically enhanced mini turret gun and is magicked to fly. It is safe to say that each portion of the vehicle has been magicked to protect against different vulnerabilities.

[Only admins are allowed to see this image]

Rp Sample
Was it still daylight out? Rex couldn't tell. He had just finished designing a bioelectrical hand grenade that would respond to biological input. In theory, a person would be able to input a piece of their DNA and have the ability to use this device at highly abnormal close range. When the smart bomb detonated it would recognize the biological pattern it had accepted and divert shrapnel and explosive material away and around the person activating the device. This made it possible to use a hand grenade in an entire room full of people and only take out the bad guys. The grenade, once sold to the military, would net Rex millions. The problem, was that Rex had no idea how he was going to create it. Blueprints, sketches, and chalkboards covered in mathematical equations were one thing - actually designing, constructing, and testing the product would be an entirely different beast.
Rex had exhausted his mind with theories and decided it was time to take a break. Entering the mini kitchen in the basement, he opened the fridge and stared inside. Nothing looked friendly enough to eat and Rex was tired of ordering pizza. The smell of roasted duck and garlic mashed potato’s drifted down the steps, tempting Rex to send Chips, his biological mechanical robot, up to nab a few bits. Rex was reluctant however as the last time he did that, Chips came back with viruses that only Peter and Sally, Rex's parents, could have implanted. Rex shut the fridge and headed for the couch. Brushing a few leftover bits of dried ramen from the couch, Rex picked up his interface, sat back on the couch and let his mind fall silent.

In Conduit, Velox was still lounging in his hotel room that SWAT had paid and set up for him. He was sipping a dry martini with a beautiful woman dangling off his arm, sipping her own as well. He stared out the large floor to ceiling window, watching traffic fly by, awaiting his orders. Velox hated waiting, but SWAT had promised him that if he didn't follow orders this time around, he would be mind-wiped and excommunicated from the agency. Velox liked his job and loved the perks SWAT provided, so he decided to play along this time.
Suddenly, Velox's smart device went off, buzzing loudly on the coffee table in front of him. Setting down the wine glass, Velox stood up. The women, unbothered by this maneuver, stayed on the couch, rearranging her dress before taking another sip of her smooth, fiery, liquid. Velox picked the device up from the coffee table and clicked a button.
"Yes?" He responded, in a crisp British accent.
“We have a code 99,” a voice stated flatly over the line.
Velox arched his eyebrows. The operative on the other line seemed far to calm about the code 99. Perhaps he was a war vet from long ago, Velox thought. Generally a code 99 meant that another world was in danger and every Class A operative would be traveling to that sector. Code 99’s were very rare, but when they popped up, even SWAT got nervous as to whom they might be dealing with.
“Understood,” Velox replied, “But I am a Class B operative and I unfortunately have not been invited to the party.”
“Consider yourself invited,” stated another voice on the line. Velox recognized it right away.
“Commander!” Velox responded, unconsciously standing up straighter. The woman on the couch noticed.
“Effective immediately, you are now considered a Class A Agent. Pack your bags and prepare for intergalactic travel.”

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