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All about Java

Height :
Apperance :
Java is an average height, muscular woman with dark brown skin, purple eyes, and black hair forever styled in long braids reaching the middle of her back. Depending on her current adventure, her braids may be down, in a ponytail, or in a fancy updo. Majority of the time, her braids are down and decorated with shells and sometimes feathers. Compared with her real world self, she is obviously much more fit, has a stronger bridge on her nose, and a slightly smaller mouth.

When on missions/quests, Java wears simple clothing such as tank tops, black jeans and combat boots. Yet, when she is out on the town in Samora, she is dressed very classy, usually wearing body fitting dresses and stylish high heels.
Personality :
Java is a "strong black woman", meaning that she is independent, headstrong, and proud of who and what she is. In her stern face, confidence radiants from her lack of a smile. She rarely feels inferior to anyone, even though she may encounter those who are be more powerful, intelligent, or beauitful than her. She is unafraid to speak her mind and present her ideas to the higher-ups in her department or mission parties. She is extremely ambitious and competitive, never truly setting for second best. When someone outdoes her, she doubles her efforts and uses any strategy (ethical or not) to regain her lost position.

Due to her independence, she has a hard time asking for help even when she is in dire need of it. She prefers to do things herself. Also, others have deemed her confidence as haughtiness and therefore, it is unusual for her to be surrounded by friends or people in general. It also does not help that she has trust issues and a great lack of patience. Yet when another gains her trust or she feels less annoyed by them, she is fiercely protective of that person.
Skills :
She is an excellent crafter of elemental artifacts, especially fire and earth ones. They are usually in the form of jewelry and sometimes tattoos.
Abilities :
Java's most well-known ability and weapon of choice is her control over the elements: water, fire, earth, and air. Fire is her most dominate element, allowing her to generate it herself. Earth is a close second, though she is not able to generate it but can implement it freely. Water and air are her weakest and she tries to limit their use since they tend to drain her mana more so than her fire and earth magic. Her language skills also become very useful and she often acts like the party's interpreteur.
Equipment :
Armor - Lightweight and flexible armor that compresses into a black band around her waist. There are gasps in between the joints of the armor, creating vulnerabilities that Java must watch out for.

Rapid-fire laser pistol - This pistol is Java's back up weapon when she is low on mana and does not have any potions on her. It is small and easy to handle, but gives off a powerful enough shoot to make most things leave her alone. Though, the stupid, the big, and the ugly are the ones that usually laugh at the small gun.

Brass knuckles - Simply put, they hurt like hell and she loves to wear them. She believes that they give her an edge during hand-to-hand combat.
Artifacts :
Enchanted necklace - A thick golden chain with a round amethyst jewel that is enchanted to enchance her fire magic twenty-five percent when activated. It usually last for a couple of hours, depending on the amount of fire magic she is currently using. It takes about a day to charge, so she uses it very sparingly.
Vehicles :
For her land voyages, she uses her all black motorcycle that has canons in the front and rotatble wheels, which she named La Nuit (Picture). It was a gift from an secret admirer and she treasures the fast little thing. When journeying from planet to planet, she uses her sleek one to four seater spacecraft called the Skylon Jezz 3100. It is long and thin, able to reach near-light speeds. She dubbed this beauty Ténèbres (Picture).
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System Programmer for Paradise Lives (creators of Samora)
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