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All about Glitch

Height :
Apperance :
With Brown hair permanently groomed and brown eyes, Glitch has a well toned avatar who can fit in either at a formal dinner or a timed run through a dank time forgotten dungeon. Other then the two Celtic knots around his wrists Glitch has no tattoos or scars. He is always walking around with a calm smile, a joke ready to come forth at any time. He prefers to dress simply, jeans and a shirt under his leather vest. When out adventuring, he typically wears a Kevlar vest and a gun strapped to his left thigh. His blade and a second gun can be found on his belt right on the small of his back.
Personality :
Nathan is an introvert, preferring to interact with people while in the game rather than in Real life. Secretly though, Nathan yearns to be a hero like the ones he watched on TV growing up. He does his best to impress those around him with his humor and intelligence and doesn't react well to criticism.
Skills :
Glitch is a fairly good shot and is exceedingly good at ferreting out artifacts
Abilities :
Glitch has invested in several personal modifications which have given a general boost to his senses. It allows him to shoot a little straighter, run a little longer, be a little stronger and react a little quicker. While not a huge change it still gives him a bit of an edge.
Equipment :
Glitch typically will use whatever firearm he has on hand, preferring something doesn’t mind losing in a fight. The majority of his day to day gear follows his general axiom of ‘Be prepared’ allowing him to respond to almost any situation he may find himself in.
Artifacts :
Leather Coat- Made with a yeti fur lining and layered with several protection enchantments the coat will protect Glitch from everything below heavy caliber fire arms. It can be altered to suit Glitch’s attire.
Enchanted sword Honed to a molecule thick edge, this Khopesh is stronger and sharper than most martial weapons. It is stored in a sheath that makes the length of the blade as long as a standard dagger.
Tattoo ArmorWhen Glitch’s coat just wont due he has the ability to summon a full cybernetically enhanced suit of armor. Originating from the Celtic knot tattoo’s around both of his wrists, this armor will become an option when Glitch’s real world adrenaline levels jump. The armor will last typically as long as the adrenaline does.

Vehicles :
Ground Vehicle
(credit to Transformers for the vehicle)
Glitch uses a modified Combat buggy for his main ground transportation. With a custom suspension and heavy ballistic armor it’s the perfect all terrain vehicle for his lifestyle. The vehicle comes with a permanently assigned NPC who can either serve as driver or gunner. There are two more jump seats accessible from the open back and a locked storage chest making up the rest of the ‘trunk’. The mounted gun is a high caliber machine gun with a grenade launcher. When he is on a fantasy-only planet, he is able to convert the vehicle into a horse carriage with similar features.

Bought at an auction on Core, Glitch flies around in a reproduction of the Delta Flyer from Star Trek. He named her the Aurora and updated her sensor suite, armor and weapons load out making it the ideal ship for survey missions.

History :
Nathan was born to a Thomas and Janet Pierce in a small farming community in Pennsylvania. While his parents loved him very much, they where absent for a good amount of his young childhood. His father was a trucker and his mother worked as many hours as she could at the local hotel. As such, he learned from a young age how to entertain himself with computers. He spent all of his free time behind the screen of a computer he built from whatever parts he could get his hands on right up to the release of The Conduit. From there, he became obsessed.

Nathan's parents died in his senior year of high school. To cope with the loss, he dove deep into The Conduit. Because of the vast amount of time he spent in world, his grades suffered ensuring a mediocre college education only secured through his natural talents with computers. From school, he bounced from one dead end IT job to another until he was offered a live-in customer service position with Endeavor Enterprises. This was the happiest day of his life.

He instantly moved to the high rise owned by EE and began working, loving that he could go straight from his small one room apartment to the cafeteria and his ‘office’ without even leaving the building. After a shift, he rushed back and threw himself into his recliner and plugging back in. Nathan yearns to hit a big score in game just as much as he envies those elite Moderators who live in the highest levels of the tower. He doesn’t have many friends in real life, only colleagues and co-workers who he is friendly with while eating together. Due to his line of work, many of the people around him are alike. Always looking to escape to something more perfect.

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Customer Support for Endeavor Enterprises
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